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Mind's Eye Design is a curated collection of jewelry hand crafted in our studio and gathered from artisans around the world. Established in 2015 by Tara Brown, we strive to offer jewelry that is high quality, on trend and affordable.


Respecting our planet and all the living things that grow on it is at the very top of our priority list. We work hard to positively contribute to our environment while being mindful of our impact on it. We do this in many ways, including sourcing our materials from independent vendors and small businesses as well as long established USA based company's; using recycled and environmentally conscious packing materials; always using eco-friendly cleaning products and avoiding toxic chemicals; working from a small naturally lit studio with energy efficient tools and appliances; we recycle, compost, and re-fill our re-usable containers; and of course we eliminate single use products as much as possible and re-use anything we can. None of our employees commute for more than 10 minutes to work here… that’s just a fabulously lucky circumstance, but still… it absolutely helps to reduce our carbon footprint. We bank with a small local credit union and avoid larger banks who have questionable intentions and practice even more questionable business models. 


Moving Forward our customers will have the option of using our packaging for merchandising or using beautiful biodegradable glassine bags to protect the jewelry while it waits to be worn.


We do eat a lot of Werther’s Originals… interpret the environmental impact of that as you see fit… nobody’s perfect. 


Mind’s Eye Design is operated and employed by local Independent women, from the Photographers, Models, and Graphic Designers to the Jewelry Production Team, and of course our Product Designer and Developer, Tara Brown, who established the company and runs it fearlessly. 


We support non-profit organizations advocating for racial justice and donate to the American Civil Liberties Union.


We believe in equitable existence and have never tolerated discrimination against anybody based on race; color; religion; sex; personal identity and orientation; neuro-divergence; and mental and physical disabilities. 


We do our part for peace in our own unique ways, diversity is the key to survival. So is loving, dreaming,  and making… which is what we do best. 

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